The Many Dimensions of Truthfulness: Crowdsourcing Misinformation Assessments on a Multidimensional Scale

Recent work has demonstrated the viability of using crowdsourcing as a tool for evaluating the truthfulness of public statements. Under certain conditions such as: (1) having a balanced set of workers with different backgrounds and cognitive …

Can The Crowd Judge Truthfulness? A Longitudinal Study on Recent Misinformation About COVID-19

Recently, the misinformation problem has been addressed with a crowdsourcing-based approach: to assess the truthfulness of a statement, instead of relying on a few experts, a crowd of non-expert is exploited. We study whether crowdsourcing is an …

Can The Crowd Identify Misinformation Objectively? The Effects of Judgment Scale and Assessor’s Background.

Conference Talk - The 43rd International ACM SIGIR Conference on Research and Development in Information Retrieval. Held remotely due to COVID-19 (pre-recorded contribution).